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PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice.

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Welcome to PuttView

PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice. Augmented Reality technology enables the visualization on the putting green, from feedback on all important parameters of a putt to entertaining games.

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Why PuttView?

… to take your putting to the next level


PuttView is a visual toolbox for players and coaches regardless of experience and capability


All visuals are comprehensive and can be controlled with a tablet – designed for golfers


A fun way to practice putting – play and draw on the green and let your creativity run free

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For Whom?

PuttView offers added value for a wide range of applications: Be it for professional, playful or academic use.




What customers
think about PuttView?

“I Love spending time with PuttView. It is by far the best training for putting in the world!”

Bryson DeChambeau, PGA Tour Player, OWGR Top 10

For me the reason I invested in PuttView was quite simple: It helps me coach some of the most important skills a student needs to master. From green reading, speed control, to the visual cues that you use as part of your pre shot routine to help manage your stroke pattern, PuttView gives me these with ease and simplicity. Quite simply, it is one of the best tools I have at my disposal.”

Phil Kenyon, Director Harold Swash Putting Ltd

“PuttView gives you great visual feedback and shows you what you should actually be seeing in your mind’s eye for previewing the putt. I think this is the greatest invention in Golf in the last 10 to 15 years.”

David Orr, PGA Tour Putting Coach, Founder of the Flatstick Academy

“PuttView is a new way of interaction between teaching professional and player and takes putting practice to a whole new level.”

Paul Dyer, Director Europe, David Leadbetter Golf Academy

“With the visualization of PuttView you develop a completely new feeling for reading breaks and using this innovative tool is just a lot of fun!”

Florentyna Parker, No. 3 of the LET 2017 Order of Merit

“I was very excited when I saw PuttView for the first time and knew immediately that this is interesting for all our target groups.”

Peter E. Merck, Owner of the Golflounge Hamburg

“PuttView is a holistic practice tool that inspires and engages players of all levels. All factors that are important for successful putting can be practiced separately or in a meaningful combination. As you can use PuttView regardless of the weather conditions, it is especially helpful for our elite players to stay in peak form during winter.”

Rolf Kinkel, AimPoint Instructor

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