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Frequently asked questions

Frequently ask questions

We have collected the most common questions for you and created a list with the best solutions.

Blinking RED light on the Projector2021-07-15T15:30:08+00:00

In case you see a blinking red light, it means the projector is in an error state (or warning state). It is possible that the projector lens needs to be replaced with a new one. Before that, you can try the following steps:

  • unplug the power cable from the projector, wait for approximately 15 seconds and plug the projector back in.
  • OR keep the power cable unplugged while pressing the power button on the projector for 15 seconds. Then plug the cable back in and try to restart the projector.
  • reset the lamp timer by pressing the Menu-Button on the physical remote control for the projector. Go to OPTIONS -> LAMP SETTINGS -> LAMP RESET -> SELECT “YES”.
No PuttView visuals are projected onto the green2021-07-15T15:31:29+00:00

This may be due to the computer and/ or PuttView application not being able to detect the projector i.e., multiple displays issue. Please ensure the following:

  • The system wiring has not changed.
  • The projector is turned ON.
  • Windows has properly detected the projector (right click on Desktop à ‘Display Settings’), you should be able to see more than one display. In the case of two projectors, there should be three displays in total.
  • Each display should have a resolution of ‘1280*800’.
  • Close the PuttView app on the computer and restart it using the shortcut “PuttView” on the Desktop.
The shutdown-button on the tablet has been pressed, but the monitor and projector still show an image2021-07-15T15:42:59+00:00
  • Restart the tablet app and make sure it is connected to the application on the computer (PuttView Logo is displayed on top of the screen in either “Practice” or “Professional”-Mode). Then press the shutdown-button in the Main Menu again.
  • If the problem persists and the projector still doesn’t shut down, please contact support@puttview.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, you can turn off the projector manually using the projector remote control and keep the PuttView app running on the computer.
PuttView shows “License file invalid”2021-07-15T15:35:51+00:00
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled (check ‘Advanced network settings’).
  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Network and Internet’ à ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
  • Click on ‘Change adapter setting’ in the panel on the left.
  • Disable any extra ports that are a currently active internet-connected port.
  • Important: Make sure the ethernet adapter is named “Ethernet” and the camera adapter is named “Camera” (if applicable).
  • Follow those steps to rename the network adapter: select the network adapter, right click on it and choose ‘rename’ and press enter.
PuttView tablet app cannot connect to the PuttView application on the computer2021-07-15T15:33:39+00:00
  • Make sure the tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi with SSID “PuttView”. (Swipe down on the home screen, then press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the far left. Select the Wi-Fi “PuttView” and enter the password “ConnectPVIndoor!” afterwards.
  • Makes sure the PuttView application on the computer is running. In case the app or the computer are not responding, restart the computer and relaunch the PuttView app using the desktop shortcut. Please also make sure the projector is turned on.
  • Ensure the computer is connected to the router with an ethernet cable.
  • Restart the tablet app completely. Press the “recents” key and close the PuttView app by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner. Restart the App and check if it can get a connection now. In case there is still no connection, reboot the tablet.
How to calibrate holes using the PuttView tablet2021-07-15T15:35:39+00:00
  • Go to ‘Settings’ on the tablet -> enter password: 20357
  • Choose the hole menu to add/calibrate holes on the green.
  • Adjust the location of the “real” holes in PuttView so that they line up with the actual holes on the green.
  • Add or delete virtual holes.
  • Select change in order to get to the next hole.
  • Move the position of the virtual holes by using the arrow icons. “Factor” will determine how much the hole will move with each click.
  • Use the slider on the bottom to set the size of the selected hole.
How to update PuttView settings e.g., units, green speed (stimp), delete sketches etc.2021-07-15T15:35:01+00:00
  • Make sure the PuttView system is turned on and connected to the tablet.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ on the tablet -> enter password: 20357
  • Press ‘Done’ to save the settings.
How to change the drills and game setup on the green2021-07-15T15:37:40+00:00
  • Please contact the PuttView support: support@puttview.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
How is Ball-Tracking enabled?2021-07-15T15:38:22+00:00
  • Makes sure the PuttView system is turned on and connected to the tablet.
  • Click on “Professional” on the main screen on the tablet.
  • Click on “ball-tracking” in the bottom left corner.
  • Click on it to enable/disable the ball-tracking.
  • You should be able to see a circle on the green around the PuttView ball number as an indication that ball-tracking is enabled.
Ball-Tracking is not working2021-07-15T15:38:44+00:00
  • Make sure the camera’s view is not blocked. The camera needs to be able to see the green surface without obstruction.
  • The ball-tracking performance may be reduced if there is not enough light in the room. For further information on lighting requirements please see FAQ bullet point “ball-tracking lighting requirements”.
  • If a message appears on the screen saying, “no camera found” please see the FAQ bullet point “Cannot find a ball-tracking camera”.
Cannot find a Ball-Tracking camera2021-07-15T15:40:17+00:00
  • Quit the PuttView software on the computer. Open the ICCapture and make sure the camera is accessible and there is a video feed. ICCapture can be opened from the Start menu (see left-hand graphic below). Once the ICCapture is opened the video feed should be shown (see picture on the right-hand side below.
  • Make sure the camera is connected to the system properly and is powered through the ethernet (PoE) adapter.
  • Make sure that only one camera is connected to the system. If there is a second camera attached, you need to disable that camera. The external camera(s) can be disabled by navigating to the device manager and disabling all cameras under the camera’s icon (see graphic below). NOTE: this option will only be visible if there is a second camera device attached to the PC through the USB.
  • Make sure the USB end of the Ethernet to USB adaptor is connected to a USB 3.0 port (see below).
Ball-Tracking lighting requirements2021-07-15T15:43:39+00:00

The lighting conditions must meet our PuttView lighting requirements to ensure optimal operating conditions for PuttView. Specifically direct daylight should be avoided and ideally the room lighting is dimmable in order to avoid Ball-Tracking issues. Any measures needed to ensure the right lighting conditions will be taken care of prior to installation. The required lighting levels are as follows:

  • Minimum lighting level: 150 Lux
  • Maximum lighting level: 350-400 Lux
  • Recommended lighting level: approx. 200 Lux
  • Uniform lighting levels throughout the putting green

Still need help?

If these steps do not solve the existing problem, please contact support@puttview.com or use the contact form below.