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How does it work?


Modern surveying technology as well as an accurate 3D-Model are the foundation of PuttView.


Algorithms calculate every possible putt for our green consulting as well as the training with PuttView.


For the visualization we install one or more projectors at the costumers location, depending on the green size.


An interactivce tablet serves as the control center of PuttView – the user can easily remote control all functions.

Green options

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Initial Consultation

As a first step, we give you an introduction to our technology and advise you what configuration and green option suits best the needs of your facility. Fill out the contact form to get in touch and schedule a call.


If you have not experienced PuttView, we can arrange a demo at one of our PuttView facilities. Get to know the available functionality and learn how to use the system from experienced PuttView users.


Whenever you are ready to pull the trigger, we need a signed confirmation and a deposit payment to prepare your installation. Usually, we complete your installation 12 weeks after receiving your order, so it will not be long till you can #PracticewithPuttView

Detailed Planning

Our team will prepare the installation in detail to make sure the technology sits well in your facility and provides you the best possible PuttView experience.

Installation & Training

Everything to get you up and running at your facility, like hardware, software, scanning, and installation, is part of our offering. During handover we will also train you on how to operate the system.


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