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PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment

Don’t guess. Improve.

Play, practice, performance tracking. All in a turnkey system.

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See where you have to aim and focus on starting the ball on your intended line. If you get the speed right, the impact of break takes care of the rest and the ball will follow the Ideal Line. Perfect for improving your ability to control line and speed!

See where you have to aim and focus on starting the ball on your intended line. If you get the speed right, the impact of break takes care of the rest. Perfect for improving your ability to control line and speed!

The Setup Lines help you to check on your alignment and posture. Adjust and customize the lines to your preferences once before practice and use the visuals to check if your alignment and posture are consistent. Having the same starting position again and again helps you to perfect your routine.

Move the ball wherever you like on the green. Our software calculates the visuals for any position in real-time to give you unlimited flexibility in your practice.

Visual Cues allow you to partially or completely turn on and off certain parts of the visual guides. By customizing the Visual Cues, you can find out what visuals help you best and focus on specific areas of your training. Or increase difficulty stepwise by taking away certain visuals to see how your skills progress.

A pendulum demonstrates the swing of your club and can be adjusted to your speed. The animated swing is perfect to develop a feeling for the rhythm and power of a putt.

Do you prefer to die the ball in the hole or play a more aggressive line? Adjust the power from deadweight to 3ft past to practice different speeds. Playing the same putt at different speeds is a great way to develop speed control.

Picturing the line the ball takes is one thing, getting the speed right is another. Animate the path of the ball on the green to develop a better feeling for speed. Engrain the ball speed in your mind‘s eye to help you match it outside on the course.

The Speed Corridor provides you an image of all possible putts from deadweight to 3ft past. Use that image to find out what line you feel most comfortable with.

The Contour Lines visualize all slopes on the green like in a topographic map. The lines connect points of equal elevation and enable you to quickly identify the slopes of the green. The Contour Lines help you understand the impact of gravity and read breaks better on the course.

Our technology is able to track your played putt, draw the actual path on the green in real-time and save your putting data. Compare your intention to the actual putt, analyze your tendencies and track your performance over time.

Draw and sketch on the green to create your own templates or fun stuff on the green. Let your creativity run free! With the sketch function you can draw your own excercises directly on the green without any real obstacles.

Everyone pictures a putt in a different manner before hitting it. Therefore you can adjust all your lines in PuttView regarding width, color and brightness. Customize the visuals on the green according to your preferences to effectively match the visuals with the picture you have in your mind‘s eye.

Create and manage your player or coach account in our tablet application! This is the first step towards true putting data. The user account allows you to closely monitor your progress and adjust your future practice accordingly.

A thrilling multiplayer party game! Hit the cups of your oponent and compete against each other. No matter if you are a beginner or an avid golfer, this game guarantees a fun time for everyone. But be warned: It is highly addictive!

Watch Play Improve Repeat

Watch PuttView to show you how it’s done. Play the putt. Get instant feedback. Improve and repeat.


See what you should be doing: Recreate any putt and visualize break, line and speed directly on the green.


Learn how to improve: Get instant feedback on your performance.


Put the pieces together: PuttView creates a positive feedback loop for better putting performance.


State of the Art Technology

PuttView uses leading Augmented Reality technologies to bring joyfull improvement to players of any ability.

Our Product Range

PuttView works with any green frequently used in putting practice. Take a look at our bundles and custom solutions.

Home Series

60 sqft
CNC milled contours

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Professional Series

90 – 220 sqft
Full service
CNC milled contours

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Custom Greens

Up to 540 sqft
Individual slope design
Built-in green

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Moving Greens

Up to 300 sqft
Green consulting
Adjustable surface

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How to order PuttView

Initial Consultation

As a first step, we give you an introduction to our technology and advise you about what configuration and green option suits you best.


As soon as we have received all information, we will create a free layout proposal with the most feasible options for you.

Order & Payment

After confirming your order we need a 50% deposit payment to prepare your installation. The leadtime depends on the product.

Detailed Planning

Our team will prepare the installation in detail to make sure the technology sits well in your facility and provides you the best possible experience.

Installation & Training

Everything to get PuttView up and running is part of our offering. During handover we will give you an onsite training on how to operate the system.

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