Best Practice

Putting Best Practice

We work with the best putting coaches in the world and support their practice with the visuals they need for their students. During our work with them we have learned a lot about putting and how they use PuttView in practice. We would like to share their and our knowledge to show you what PuttView can do!

Phil Kenyon – Principal owner of Harold Swash Putting Ltd

Phil is a sought after ‘specialist putting coach’. Working with many of the world’s leading players, Phil continuously seeks new technologies and has been a PuttView user of the first hour.

Before developing a career as a coach, Phil was a professional golfer that competed worldwide as a tournament professional. Prior to his career in professional golf Phil completed a Master’s Degree in Sports Science.

Phil’s background in sports science brings a cutting edge to the putting school which combined with his experiences as both player and coach means that on any visit to the putting school you are in safe hands.

How to analyze your putts?

PuttView projects the ideal ball path for a putt which provides you with distinct feedback on direction and speed. Watch the video to see how Phil utilizes this visualization in his lessons!

  • Understands the visuals
  • Use the visuals for analysis

Improve your speed control

Different speeds will result in different ball paths which PuttView can project onto the green. In this video, Phil demonstrates how to test and practice your ability to control different speeds.

  • Practice speed control
  • Increase your variability

Optimize your visual cues

What you focus on can have a big impact on how you aim and how you manage the stroke direction for your putt. Learn from Phil how you can create your own setup to help you manage your start line.

  • DIY training setup
  • Find out what visual cues work best

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