Professional Series

The compact putting greens for your PuttView system.

PuttView Greens

Our german engineers have developed a naturally contoured green for perfect use with PuttView. It fits every space and is quickly set up by our installers.



Installation service

Benefit from full service of our team – from planning to installation on site.

Seamless integration

A ceiling mount of the projector guarantees a seamless integration into your space.

Full experience

The Professional Series includes the full set of features for practice, coaching and fun.

Size options

PuttView P8

Dimensions 12′ x 7’6″
Min. ceiling height 7’10”

PuttView P10

Dimensions 15′ x 9’6″
Min. ceiling height 9’10”

PuttView P12

Dimensions 19′ x 11’6″
Min. ceiling height 11’7″


Installation examples

Other products

PuttView works with any green frequently used in putting practice. Take a look at our bundles and custom solutions.

Home Series

60 sqft
Self assembly
CNC milled contours

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Custom Greens

Up to 540 sqft
Individual slope design
Built-in green

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Moving Greens

Up to 300 sqft
Green consulting
Adjustable surface

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